And Telemetry

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA has two distinct functions; the first of which is the ability to control and manipulate physical equipment where you are not present. Such as, turning on/off an irrigation pump, opening/closing a flood gate, regulating how much to open/close a valve. The sky's the limit on what you could do here. The Second distinct function of SCADA is to acquire REAL-TIME Feedback of your remote equipment. Examples include, obtaining flow meter data, on/off status of equipment, percentage a valve is open/closed and finally; putting all this information in ways you can use to help make decisions on where to place manpower, conserve energy, and provide trending reports and alarms when something needs attention.

Allen Pump Company builds and operates SCADA based on what we believe any operator should need because we build and operate systems of our own. Design criteria for your system should include the following.

  • What are your, what we like to call MUST HAVES? In other words, what does your system really need in order to work in comparison to what would you'd like it to do? This is an important step when designing. Going through this process will help control cost of implementation of your SCADA system.

  • Another design Criteria is NO SILENT DEATH. What we mean by that is simple. If you need to turn on a pump or open a gate or read a temperature. Your system needs to communicate with you what is going on. If you push a button to turn on a pump, you should receive feedback via a sensor, that the pump did in fact, turn on. Similarly, if the pump did not turn on, how will your system notify you? Text message? Email? Blinking Light on a screen?

    Bottom line is this. Allen Pump Co Inc. builds and operates SCADA systems that work! We know how to listen to what your needs are; and build solutions to keep your cost as low as possible. We build solutions that anyone can use, whether you want to operate it from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad/iPhone or Touch Panel. Your system should be simple to understand and operate, and we can help with that.


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