A few years ago... 2009, we were contacted by Freeport McMoran about dewatering an active mine pit. One thing that we are known for is coming up with practical solutions that help keep your cost down and help you get your job done. Since developing our line of floating dewatering pumps, we have been contacted by other local mines and gravel pit contractors about giving them affordable solutions to accommodate their needs.

These pumps are custom built for your specific need and application. Taking into account all factors. We have seen great success in this product and many times we are building multiple units for the same client, for the simple fact that they work, and work well.

We have built these with several different factors in mind...

-- type of fluid being pumped, (corrosive, non-corrosive)

-- electrical supply needed, (230 V, 480V, etc.)

-- pumping height (Head)

-- GPM needed to get the job done

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